Augmented Reality might save our planet

Earlier this week, we talked about photographing climate change, which is a difficult topic to visualize in our everyday lives. I’ve decide to continue in this vein, this time taking a look at augmented reality, or AR, and how it’s being used to help educate people on climate change. This technology is making massive leaps… Continue reading Augmented Reality might save our planet

Visualizing Climate Change

A Kenyan man chops and burns trees, on land that the owner hadn't gotten permission to clear, in Narok, Kenya, Monday, August 17, 2015. The forest rangers plan on arresting the owner of the land for not having the appropriate permits. Deforestation is one of the many problems associated with open fires and inefficient charcoal stoves - along with high death tolls related to the inhalation of smoke, and mass environmental impact from half the world's population cooking with solid fuels like charcoal, wood, animal dung and other pollutants. Solutions abound as many entrepreneurs develop more efficient cookstoves, but adaptation is still very low. (Photo credit/Tara Todras-Whitehill)

Climate change is arguably our world’s greatest threat in the 21st century. Global warming has led to rising sea levels, longer and more severe droughts, and increasingly unpredictable and dangerous weather patterns. All of these events have contributed to mass migration and displacement of people across the globe. And yet, there is still no internationally… Continue reading Visualizing Climate Change

Reproductive apps — creative solutions to the global gag rule

Global crises surrounding refugees, famine and climate change are on the rise, but so are grassroots solutions aimed at helping at-risk populations. As we discussed last week on this blog, there are already many tech solutions being implemented in Africa to help combat famine.   Another hot button issue is the implementation of the Mexico… Continue reading Reproductive apps — creative solutions to the global gag rule

Muslim women breaking stereotypes online

Despite widely held misconceptions, it is indeed possible to be a Muslim woman fighting for empowerment. Yet Muslim women find themselves having to prove that wearing a headscarf does not mean they are oppressed, and that they can hold on to their faith and upbringing while simultaneously work towards equality. With the advent of social media… Continue reading Muslim women breaking stereotypes online

Webby Awards 2017 — innovative storytelling on global issues

Nominees for the Webby Awards have been announced, and there are a lot of innovative stories to explore. Here are the projects that grabbed my attention.   Websites: Activism This category has two nominees that explore women’s issues in very different ways. The data visualization agency Two-N is the creator behind this year’s Global Gender… Continue reading Webby Awards 2017 — innovative storytelling on global issues