Truth, Tech & Community #NISHBR

Building Bridges to Foster Journalism Innovation – Today I attended a conference in Hamburg, Germany in conjunction with European Journalism Centre and their News Impact Summit. There were some interesting issues that were addressed, from data journalism to social media metrics. Check out these interesting point from the conference. Data Journalism Isabelle Sonnenfeld from Google News… Continue reading Truth, Tech & Community #NISHBR

Font power!

Choosing which font to use is not a decision to be taken lightly. Graphic designers often labor over typeface options for hours until they find the perfect lettering to visually express their work — and for good reason. Font has been packed with symbolism since the early 20th century, from the Nazi leadership monopolizing the… Continue reading Font power!

Going Viral twice? Swing Left did it. Find out how.

In our final installment of the ‘Going Viral’ series, today we are going to continue our interview with Ethan Todras-Whitehill, founder of Swing Left (also my brother), an organization completely devoted to winning back the House of Representative for Democrats in 2018.  They have gone viral twice, the second time being after the American Health… Continue reading Going Viral twice? Swing Left did it. Find out how.

Hopeless versus hopeful — why many campaigns on refugees fail

Children play on a playground inside a Syrian refugee camp 25km from Antakya near the border with Syria, in Boynuyogun, Turkey, March 27, 2012. Syrian refugees have been fleeing the conflict at home for almost 2 years now. As they cross into neighboring countries, the towns and villages on the borders have seen a remarkably different daily existence. There is gunfire in the distance and refugees streaming through continuously. There are FSA fighters who keep their family outside and come to visit, and smugglers who have made a living bringing supplies across the border. Some of the Syrian refugees go to nearby camps and others end up staying in the towns. All of these people have changed the daily lives of these border towns, and with no end in sight, the villagers have adapted to the new way of being.

What crisis gets the least donations? Syrian refugees, earthquake victims, or people affected by famine? It might be surprising, but Syrian refugees are at the bottom of the donations list. But why is that? In a recent article in The New York Times, entitled ‘Why Don’t You Donate for Syrian Refugees? Blame Bad Marketing’, the… Continue reading Hopeless versus hopeful — why many campaigns on refugees fail

“Canaries in the Global Coal Mine” of Climate Change

A mother collects water collected in the rocks after the rain. The family doesn’t have any water well and totally relies on rain water to survive. Yemen is enduring a water crisis that ranks among the worst in the world. Photo by Matilde Gatton, @matildegattoni

Today we are cross-posting an article by The Everyday Projects about @EverydayClimateChange and how it’s visualizing this important issue. @EverydayClimateChange uses photography to educate and inspire about one of the most pressing issues of our time. The work of 40+ photographers who contribute to the account can be viewed at exhibits, such as the one… Continue reading “Canaries in the Global Coal Mine” of Climate Change