About Vignette Global –A creative agency for social good – Vignette

Vignette is a leading
storytelling agency covering the greatest humanitarian issues of our time.

We help non-profits, foundations and social ventures
create real and lasting impact.


Our focus


Emotionally engaging visual stories can leave a lasting impression with viewers.  We produce authentic stories using ethical approaches to photography and video production that can be trusted by audiences.

Online Storytelling

The Internet has matured to a point where we can use a vast array of interactive storytelling forms to engage with audiences and communities.  We create microsites and interactive experiences that continue to push the boundaries of how we tell stories online.


Data visualisation

For those trying to change the world, the biggest challenges we face have many levels of complexity.  We use data visualization to help convey the primary thrust of a story, while also providing avenues for deeper exploration.

We believe that the stories we tell each other shapes our societies.

Stories matter. It’s how we communicate our vision for a better future and how we transcend our differences to work together on common problems. That’s why at Vignette, we bring together the best creatives and storytellers from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to craft high-quality productions that tackle the most challenging issues of our time.

In an era where fake news and lies dominate our global dialogue, we believe that the truth is more important than ever for creating real social change. That is why we focus on producing authentic documentary stories that build trust and empathy among the core communities of our clients.

If you’re trying to make the world a better place, then we’re here to help.


Our clients are leading humanitarian and philanthropic organizations, think tanks, universities, media organizations, government agencies, tech innovators and social enterprises who tackle the toughest challenges of our time.

Core Team

We are passionate about technology and pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling, software development, and media production to create real and lasting change in the world.


We have assembled the best people from the creative industries, journalism, information technology, and social change to help us achieve our goals.

We are currently looking for talented people to grow our team – WORK FOR US