Ai Weiwei – refugees and the new Odyssey

Ai Weiwei has come to Istanbul. A new exhibit has recently opened at the beautiful Sakip Sabanci Museum.

The most interesting part of the exhibit was the section of pottery where, according to the description at the exhibit Ai Weiwei “draws a correlation between the ancient journey undertaken by Odysseus and the recent global refugee crisis.

Check out the video and photos from the Odyssey below.

video by Jack Zahora

The exhibit is massive, taking over three floors of one of the museum buildings, and there are the some interesting smaller installations of other well known Ai Weiwei projects like the River Crabs.

The museum itself is worth a visit, even without Ai Weiwei there — it’s beautiful just to walk around the grounds and have a coffee or a meal with a magnificent Bosphorus view. The exhibit is opened until January 29th, 2018.

Go check it out!

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