Google Earth gets an upgrade

Google Earth just got a very cool upgrade: its new interactive storytelling app, Voyager, ¬†allows users to learn about travel, nature, culture and history, overlaid on a map of the world. You can visit the native tribes of the Amazon one minute and take a tour of the South Pole the next. You can even… Continue reading Google Earth gets an upgrade

Truth, Tech & Community #NISHBR

Building Bridges to Foster Journalism Innovation – Today I attended a conference in Hamburg, Germany in conjunction with¬†European Journalism Centre and their News Impact Summit. There were some interesting issues that were addressed, from data journalism to social media metrics. Check out these interesting point from the conference. Data Journalism Isabelle Sonnenfeld from Google News… Continue reading Truth, Tech & Community #NISHBR

Font power!

Choosing which font to use is not a decision to be taken lightly. Graphic designers often labor over typeface options for hours until they find the perfect lettering to visually express their work — and for good reason. Font has been packed with symbolism since the early 20th century, from the Nazi leadership monopolizing the… Continue reading Font power!