Nigeria: A tech hub for women

When talking about a city that is breaking gender stereotypes in the tech world, Lagos, Nigeria may not be the first place that comes to mind. But the Nigeria-based, rapidly growing startup Andela is hoping to change that. Founded in 2014, Andela is building a network of tech entrepreneurs across Africa by providing resources and… Continue reading Nigeria: A tech hub for women

Tech-backed education

UNICEF and the UNHRC recently launched The Humanitarian Education Accelerators, an initiative aimed at funding and training education-focused grassroots organizations in the region. By specifically highlighting groups that are technology-based, the initiative is emphasizing the efficiency they believe technology will bring to education systems around the world. The Humanitarian Education Accelerators initiative is divided into… Continue reading Tech-backed education

The Playful Side of Activism

Addressing social issues in a manner that engages a wide audience can be a daunting task. Invoking interest is difficult, especially when the topic is less than uplifting. But we’re increasingly seeing activists addressing this obstacle by spearheading innovative projects that engage as well as inform audiences on a particular issue, employing a platform we… Continue reading The Playful Side of Activism

Women Tech Entrepreners in MENA

There has been much focus on female representation (or lack thereof) in Silicon Valley recently. Recent harassment cases has brought into focus an industry that is overwhelmingly male and not always an easy work environment for women. In contrast, across the ocean, in the Middle East, women in tech are rising quickly through the ranks.… Continue reading Women Tech Entrepreners in MENA

Going Viral – how to make your story last

Once you go viral, you never go back. If only that was true! What happens *after* social campaigns take off? When there’s a spike in interest around a particular issue, it can just as quickly fall out of fashion. So why does this happen and how can a social campaign continue to gain ground, even… Continue reading Going Viral – how to make your story last