Women Tech Entrepreners in MENA

There has been much focus on female representation (or lack thereof) in Silicon Valley recently. Recent harassment cases has brought into focus an industry that is overwhelmingly male and not always an easy work environment for women. In contrast, across the ocean, in the Middle East, women in tech are rising quickly through the ranks.… Continue reading Women Tech Entrepreners in MENA

Font power!

Choosing which font to use is not a decision to be taken lightly. Graphic designers often labor over typeface options for hours until they find the perfect lettering to visually express their work — and for good reason. Font has been packed with symbolism since the early 20th century, from the Nazi leadership monopolizing the… Continue reading Font power!

Conflict through the eyes of children

Photographers often capture images of children during conflict. They have the power to provoke widespread response.  They reflect a sense of helplessness and innocence — often without political undertones. Take the image of the young Syrian boy who drowned while attempting to flee to Europe, for example, only to wash ashore on a beach in… Continue reading Conflict through the eyes of children

The Virtual Reality Experiment on Empathy

This month we have been looking at new research and reporting examining the potential of virtual reality (VR) to foster empathy and create behavioral changes for its users. Currently there are several universities with digital labs working on this topic.  Some of most prominent research has been coming from Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab and MIT’s Open Documentary… Continue reading The Virtual Reality Experiment on Empathy