How Facebook is changing humanitarian relief

Last month, a bombing in Somalia killed over 300 people. The attack took place in a busy intersection, targeting civilians across all walks of life. Chaos ensued as family members and friends began the daunting task of tracking down their loved ones. Amid the confusion, social media stepped in to bring answers and assist in… Continue reading How Facebook is changing humanitarian relief

The danger of censorship

On this blog we’ve discussed how online social media platforms spread extremist propaganda. We’ve also discussed how groups fighting the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are using these same platforms in hopes of reporting realities on the ground while skirting government controlled media in the region. Now these competing factions have hit a… Continue reading The danger of censorship

Online media from the front lines

In today’s digital world, even front lines are online. Nowhere has this been truer than in Syria, where groups from all political stand points use online platforms to document human rights violations, spread propaganda and chronicle the realities of life in conflict. The Violations Documentation Center in Syria (VDC) works as an independent organization documenting… Continue reading Online media from the front lines

Truth, Tech & Community #NISHBR

Building Bridges to Foster Journalism Innovation – Today I attended a conference in Hamburg, Germany in conjunction with European Journalism Centre and their News Impact Summit. There were some interesting issues that were addressed, from data journalism to social media metrics. Check out these interesting point from the conference. Data Journalism Isabelle Sonnenfeld from Google News… Continue reading Truth, Tech & Community #NISHBR