Adapting to online propaganda in Iran

Iranian government propaganda is adapting to the digital age. A recent outpouring of videos released on Apparat (an Iranian version of Youtube) demonstrates the new role technology is playing in spreading the message of the far right within the country. While the content of the videos vary, the general message remains consistent: American foreign policy… Continue reading Adapting to online propaganda in Iran

The danger of censorship

On this blog we’ve discussed how online social media platforms spread extremist propaganda. We’ve also discussed how groups fighting the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are using these same platforms in hopes of reporting realities on the ground while skirting government controlled media in the region. Now these competing factions have hit a… Continue reading The danger of censorship

How Tech Companies are Combating Extremism Online

Recently, Facebook announced its plan to crack down on online in extremism. In partnership with the Online Civil Courage Initiative in the UK, the plan involves innovative technology to combat hate speech as well as taking on 3,000 more hirees specifically employed to review and act on reports of extremism. Other tech companies like Google… Continue reading How Tech Companies are Combating Extremism Online