Jakub Krcmar - Vignette Interactive, UX director

Vignette Interactive Team

Jakub Krčmář

User Experience Director

Jakub Krcmar is a User Experience & Interface Designer with a background in graphic design, marketing communication and social psychology. He is the person who designed how you found your way to this page and what you are seeing. In short, he loves to make things attractive, easy to use and meaningful.

Always with a user-centric approach, Jakub turns complexity into experiences that fulfill user’s goals, needs and wishes while maintaining business and storytelling goals for the owner.

Jakub started in the world of web design when he was 14, independent by 15 and by the age of 17 published a book about web design in Photoshop in Czech Republic. After a brief stint in marketing, Jakub returned to his core skill-set and has been designing user experience for web & mobile applications ever since.

Born wild and freelancer by hearth from youth, Jakub enjoys almost all sports activities and loves to travel to distant places. He is always fascinated by the endless possibilities of the universe and human body. You can meet him in Czech Republic.


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