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Truth, Tech & Community #NISHBR

Building Bridges to Foster Journalism Innovation –

Today I attended a conference in Hamburg, Germany in conjunction with European Journalism Centre and their News Impact Summit.

There were some interesting issues that were addressed, from data journalism to social media metrics. Check out these interesting point from the conference.

Data Journalism

Isabelle Sonnenfeld from Google News Lab talked about the release of the new Data Journalism Handbook that was initially launched in 2012 — they are coming out with an updated version soon. The older version is still worth checking out, and has some great ideas for how to begin to use data and visualize it. For more on data journalism check out these really interesting initiatives that Google is working on.

Trust in Journalism

Aron Pilhofer talked about the state of journalism and what we should be trying to do to gain trust in our readership.

One point he made is that clicks aren’t all equal and that scaling is for suckers. I think there is probably a middle ground, but it was an interesting point.

He also liked the idea at the end of articles to ask readers ‘did you trust this article’. People who read to the end and click YES or NO are most likely to convert.

Do you know the difference between news and news analysis? Most people don’t, and perhaps that is part of the reason there is a lack of trust in news readership. Did you know that the NY Times has a reader’s manual? Because I certainly didn’t.


Can you figure out which on this page is the opinion, news or news analysis? It’s not easy to tell the difference.


Social Media Metrics

Esra Dogramaci from Deutsche Welle talked about what we should be focusing on when it comes to metrics.

DON’T look at reach, impressions or views

DO look at engagement/interaction, active subscribers, watch time and retention

Free tools to use: YouTube analytics, twitter analytics, Crowdtangle and Facebook insights


Use Crowdtangle to compare yourself to others:

I learned some stuff today. I hope you did too!

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