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‘It Could Be Us’ – portraits of refugees in Greece

Last Friday night in London, I had an exhibit of portraits of refugees stuck in Greece. The goal was to raise money for the International Rescue Committee and awareness for this important issue. It was put together in combination with an IRC video that Matt Ford created, which will be released soon on Human Rights Day, December 10th, so stay tuned for that!

The idea of the project was very simple – the refugees were photographed on a black background inside the Kara Tepe refugee camp, in Lesbos, Greece, and they were all asked what their dreams used to be, and what they were now. We then blew the pictures up to life-size because I wanted people to be able to look into their eyes and hopefully connect to them on a basic emotional level, without the backdrop of a refugee camp. The hope was to have viewers spend time looking at each of these people, and read about their hopes and dreams, in order to realize that they were the same as anyone else’s.



Here are my remarks (starts at 1:20):

And here is a walk through of the event:

Videos courtesy of Jack Zahora.

The show came together with great help and support from Lena Headey from Game of Thrones, the International Rescue Committee, HBO and the Game of Thrones cast, and the Union Club.

The photos will be available for sale online when the IRC releases the video on December 10th.

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