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Global reproductive rights

for CNN, Mother Jones, Ms. Magazine, Witness

The shift in foreign under Trump created a drastic shift in funding that might be vulnerable for organizations that do work in reproductive rights. The Mexico City Policy was expanded under Trump to now possibly affect all foreign health funding. We wanted to create a visual way where readers could quickly grasp the full scale of this shift and worked to create a data visualization that accurately conveyed the full reach of the new policy

We did two data visualizations for the projects. The first one was to graphically show the shift in funding.

The second was to help people better understand the scope of the Mexico City Policy.

The challenge for the photography was how to visualize this taboo issue and make it interesting to a global audience. Here is a selection of photos from the Nepal part of the project.

Vignette covered this issue for several news outlets with the help of grants from both the European Journalism Centre and the International Women’s Media Foundation.


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