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Reshu Thami, age 38, washes the backside of her youngest of her eight children, Esther, age 6 months outside their small shack in Dolakha, Nepal, July 16, 2017. After Reshu’s third child, she became pregnant again and she and her husband decided to abort the child. She says at that time her husband used to beat her every day and he was addicted to alcohol. She was so depressed she even thought about hanging herself but stopped herself because she didn’t want to leave her children without a mother. After that she says her heart told her to go to church, and a relative who was Christian took her. She took strength from the community and decided to become a Christian. After that she became pregnant again, but she didn’t want to have an abortion because the pastor had told her it was wrong. Her husband wanted her to, but she refused, and he became very angry. But after her fourth child, her husband calmed down and eventually he decided to attend church with her. They are now both Christian and say they are much happier, although they don’t have much money because they have eight children. (Photo Credit/Tara Todras-Whitehill/European Journalism Centre/Vignette Interactive)

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