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Stories of Change

for World Press Photo

The Stories of Change interactive experience was conceptualized and built by Vignette Interactive for World Press Photo as the online showcase for two years worth of visual stories created during the Reporting Change workshop series by the World Press Photo academy.


The Reporting Change workshops focused on developing the skills of visual storytellers in five North African countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.  A basic skills workshop came first, followed by a storytelling workshop and finished with a multimedia workshop where Vignette Interactive’s Interactive Media Director, Matt Ford, was one of three trainers. workshop_thumb


In December 2013, a plan was already in place to publish the photography from the workshops in book form along with a historical timeline and relevant regional content.  The question was, if the final output was a physical book, where would that leave the video stories?


Working closely with World Press Photo, Vignette Interactive developed a concept for a content-first approach that would clearly and effectively feature the 29 visual stories from across North Africa. The aim was for an experience that was closely related to the aims of the book, while also being unique and tailored for an immersive online experience. In addition to the stories, the site would feature information about each of the photographers and a detailed timeline of events since the start of the ‘Arab Spring’ across North Africa.



Vignette Interactive tapped two skilled partners it has worked with on other projects for the development of the site.  Netguru for back-end development and the creation of an admin interface for updating the events timeline, and Superkoderi for the front-end development.


One of the key target audiences for the Stories of Change site is people in the North African countries from which the stories originate.  With the growth of mobile users in North Africa outpacing desktop users, we wanted the experience of interacting with these stories to be just as fluid and powerful on mobile devices as it is on a big screen computer.


The entire site was optimized to provide high quality images tailored for each mobile device resolution and slower mobile network connections. In a future update, Arabic and French support will be added across the site, resulting in a powerful visual storytelling experience that crosses cultures and borders. Vignette Interactive was proud to be a part of the Reporting Change project with World Press Photo. Educating the next generation of visual storytellers and creating fun and immersive online storytelling experiences are both major priorities of Vignette Interactive, and we were thrilled to be able to do both on this project.

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